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Have you been wondering how you can save thousands of dollars in car repairs? Many car owners are constantly writhing over the rip-offs they go through when they entrust all car health, care and service to their mechanics. But now, thanks to technology, you can easily monitor the health of your car using your smart gadget and pay fair repair and maintenance charges. The app behind this development is called FIXD. With this app, it’s like you have a mechanic in your pocket (one that costs you only a few dollars, though).

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Fixd App Review -What is FIXD?


You have probably come across apps that notify drivers when a car has a problem. How different is FIXD from such apps? Does FIXD work? Answering these questions is the focus of this FIXD app review.

The “check engine” light is the most frequent notification but it’s arguably pretty useless as it does not provide details of the problem. FIXD is a new app that is designed to provide the details of the “check engine” notification. The app displays notifications on your smart phone when a problem arises, as well as the potential costs and consequences of the problem.

FIXD constitutes a vehicle sensor (plugged in the car) and an accompanying app. You plug the vehicle sensor into your car’s On Board Diagnostics-II (OBD-II) port. OBD is a computer-based system mainly used in the United States and is designed to monitor performance of the car’s engine components. All cars made after the year 1996 are required by the law to have the system installed. The sensor connects to the phone app via Bluetooth.

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Does FIXD Work?

FIXD car app has proved to be the best car health monitor due to its unique features and benefits (expounded in the next section of this FIXD app review). You want to experience these benefits and know why every FIXD car app review by customers portray it as a first in the automotive industry.
You just need to do three simple things to gain the ability of monitoring your car’s health with your phone.

  • Plug in the vehicle sensor – FIXD is compatible with most of the vehicles build after 1996
  • Connect to phone – Any iOS or Android smartphone can pair with the vehicle sensor via Bluetooth.
  • Leave the sensor in the car and receive the latest updates about your car’s health and performance.

Installing the sensor is very simple and quick since the OBD-II port is just underneath the steering wheel. No tools or expertise is required for this little task. And unlike many other tracker devices used to monitor a car’s performance, this sensor won’t need regular recharging because it is powered by the car battery. It will last as long as your battery lasts.
Therefore, if you have a car that was built after 1996 and are tired of frequent, often costly but unsatisfactory visits to the mechanic, FIXD is your new way of keeping the health of your car in check all the time. The app will instantly inform you why the “Check Engine” light is on, how severe the problem is, how urgently it needs to be attended, and much the required repairs will cost you.
Regardless of the type of power system your car uses – gas or hybrid powered systems – you can plug in the vehicle sensor and start diagnosing your car’s health immediately. Understanding your car has never been easier; you can’t let this chance pass you if you are concerned about the amount of money you have been using on car repairs.



Some Awesome Features of FIXD:


FIXD app review

Small and powerful

FIXD vehicle sensor is small and cannot get in the way, but powerful in translating any vehicle problem into a simple language that every driver can understand

FIXD app

Detailed engine light notification

FIXD provides a notification whenever the check engine light turns on, showing you the number of problems that have been identified and details of each problem. FIXD gives you meaningful results of the car’s diagnoses, taking out all the jargon and giving you easy-to-understand details of the severity and consequence of each problem. This ensures your peace of mind as you use your car.

FIXD car app review

Mileage detection

How would you like knowing in advance when your car needs maintenance? FIXD is designed with an algorithm that determines your mileage so that it can alert you when any aspect of the car’s system approaches maintenance.

FIXD car app reviews

Manufacturer’s maintenance timeline

FIXD allows you to see the recommended maintenance timeline for your car so that you know when the car is due for service. You are thus able to plan yourself well in advance and avoid urgent calls for maintenance.

Wireless syncing

Everything is going wireless these days and FIXD doesn’t want to hold you back from enjoying the convenience of wireless syncing. The app syncs data automatically to your phone via Bluetooth while you are inside the car.

Energy efficient:

The vehicle sensor uses a low-energy mode so it uses very little of the car’s energy to remain charged and functional. The sensor, and thus the app, does not cause your battery to be drained.

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Multi-vehicle control:

FIXD allows you to monitor the health of more than one vehicle using one phone. That’s why you are offered three purchase options: buy one FIXD sensor at the set price, buy 2 FIXD sensors (one at the set purchase price and the other one at 50 percent discount), and buy 3 FIXD sensors(2 at the set purchase price one free of charge). If you are interested in monitoring your vehicles remotely, FIXD is the app build with your interests in mind.

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Stores your vehicle’s history

: FIXD keeps a running log of the problems that have been detected in your vehicle from when the sensor was installed.

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fixd car app review

Fixd Car App Review – Benefits of Using FIXD App

  • FIXD explains to you what’s wrong with your car and what that problem means to you
  • It tells you what’s going to happen if the car cannot be fixed immediately
  • It helps you in planning your finances as it gives you an estimate of the cost of repairing any identified problem
  • By reminding you when your car needs maintenance, FIXD helps to lengthen the life of your car.
  • FIXD clears all the confusion and anxiety that come with car problems by providing you with details on the severity of the issue that has arisen.
  • Through the Multi-vehicle control, FIXD gives you peace of mind about the cars in your family as you can monitor them all using a single smartphone.
  • Just leave the sensor plugged in and each time you get back in the car, FIXD will translate everything that the car is trying to communicate into a simple language.
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Frequently Asked Questions about FIXD

How does FIXD estimate repair costs?

The ability to give estimates of repair costs is one of the unique benefits of FIXD. Initially, estimates will be based on mechanics’ views and suggestions but with time, the app will crowd source repair cost information from users’ actual experiences, making it more accurate and useful to users.

Can FIXD be used by hackers to compromise the security of the car?

Attaching devices to cars (especially the expensive cars) raises many security concerns.

While some hackers have been able to use the OBD port to hack into cars’ systems, the FIXD hardware is designed in a way that such a person would have to start the car first, connect a laptop to the device within a 5-feet radius, and build their own software to send instructions to the car’s engine control unit. This is extremely difficult according to John Gattuso, the founder of FIXD.

Other security concerns involve the possibility of a driver’s travel information being accessed by anyone who can successfully intercept the vehicle sensor’s data transmission. However, this concern is already taken care of as the sensor and phone app wireless system is protected by safeguards similar to those used by banks and ecommerce sites to secure transfer of payment data. Therefore, no one can simply intercept the data transmissions without the driver being notified. 

Where Can I Buy FIXD Car App?

Thousands of Americans have used FIXD and reported their experiences through FIXD car app reviews. You can buy FIXD, the best car health monitor from the official website or by simply clicking Amazon is also a reliable source of the product.


All purchases also come witha 1-year limited warranty.

You have been in a situation where the check engine light came on and you gazed at it wondering what in the earth it meant. And your wondering is justified; the light can signify over 7000 different car issues. With knowledge of where to buy FIXD, car maintenance based on guesswork is now a thing of the pastfor you. The FIXD car app brings your entire car closer to you through your smartphone. It allows you to know exactly what is wrong with your car so that you can deal with repair shops and mechanics more confidently. Many users have saved thousands of dollars in costly repair costs. You’ll never know how much you are losing to the ambiguous “check engine” light until you have a FIXD vehicle sensor plugged in and the app on your phone.


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